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The Action Center is an entire clinic devoted to 12-13 year olds. It's operated by the Health Department. The Action Center can help you find out if you are pregnant, have a sexually transmitted disease or help you with other problems you might have…sexual or not. The Action Health Center is located at 2868 Pennslyvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46205 and can be reached by calling 317-221-3400.

Sex is risky at any age, but the younger you are the higher the risk. The biggest risk is chlamydia, a bacterial infection that can cause a discharge or pelvic pain, but most of the time has no symptoms. Regardless of the symptoms you get with it (or if you have no symptoms), chlamydia can prevent you from having children later on.

There are other risks too. Trichomonas, herpes, HPV and more. See our information pages to learn about these sexually transmitted infections.

So, if you are having sex, even with someone you love and trust, it is a good idea to get checked regularly -- every time you change partners, whenever you have symptoms or every 6 to 12 months.

There are some laws in Indiana that you should know about in regards to having sex when you are less than 14 years old. The doctors and social workers at the Action Center can explain them to you and answer any questions you might have.

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