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Bell Flower Clinic provides inexpensive, confidential counseling, testings, and treatment for all sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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640 Eskenazi Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Full Service STD
Clinic Hours

7:00 AM - 6:10 PM
11:30 AM - 3:10 PM
10:30 AM - 6:10 PM
7:00 AM - 3:10 PM
7:00 AM - 3:10 PM

Mon/Thurs/Fri at 7:00 AM

Calls accepted at 8am for appointments
317-221-8300 Option #1

Tenemos intérprete español/ingles.
Para más información llama: 317-221-8380

Bell Flower Clinic will be closing at 10:00am on Friday August 16th for an employee appreciation event and will reopen on Monday August 19th at 7am. The clinic will also be closing at noon on Thursday August 22nd, closed all day on Friday August 23rd, and reopening at 10:50am (no walk-ins, appointments only, call at 8am) on Monday August 26th.

Bell Flower Clinic has discontinued the $30 rapid HSV2 blood test

Bell Flower Clinic has discontinued the $30 rapid HSV2 blood test due to some issues with the accuracy of the test results. If you think you are currently having a herpes outbreak, Bell Flower Clinic does offer other testing options; please call 317-221-8300 at 8 AM to schedule an appointment for an exam by a clinician.

Bell Flower Clinic will be leaving the 3901 Meadows Drive location on February 27

Bell Flower Clinic Update:

Bell Flower Clinic will be leaving the 3901 Meadows Drive location on February 27 and reopening at their permanent location at the Fifth Third Building first floor at 640 Eskenazi Avenue on March 6, 2019. We will begin taking calls for same day appointments at the new location on March 6.

The clinic will be closed from February 28 through and including March 5, 2019.

Testing Services may be obtained at

1. the Marion County Public Health Department Substance Use Outreach Services location at 2951 E. 38th Street (317-221-4618),

2. Damien Center 26 N Arsenal Ave (317-632-0123)

3. Brother s United at 3737 North Meridian (317-931-0292)

4. Step Up at 850 North Meridian (317-259-7013 Ex. 19).

Please contact locations prior to attending for hours, directions and fees.

Physical exams may be provided by any healthcare provider. If you think you have a sexually transmitted disease, get tested.

Fee Increase

Effective September 7, 2015
Sexually Transmitted Disease Check   $20
Venereal Wart Treatment: First Visit  $20

All other fees remain unchanged:
Venereal Wart Treatment – Return Visit     $4
Rapid HIV Test:  No additional charge.

Check Out Our Ongoing Research Studies through Indiana University School of Medicine

Anonymous e-cards to tell your partners they may have been exposed to an STD.

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